It’s getting bananas over here!

About a year ago during our seemingly weekly trip to Home Depot we bought a banana tree. We are on a quest for a lush, tropical, overgrown backyard on a budget and we love the large, flowing leaves on the banana trees. I can’t remember what we paid but I think it was about $30 or less for a tiny banana tree.  We planted it last August in the corner with a bird of paradise and a sea grape plant, all very common in Florida.


The banana is in the middle. Please disregard the dirty fence.

Every week a new leaf would shoot out of the middle, it was pretty exciting watching it grow. And then maybe about a week or two ago Brian thought he noticed a “bud” coming from the top. Every day, sometimes twice a day, we’re outside looking at it, for about 3 minutes before we melt in the sweltering heat of the Florida sun.

The type of banana tree it is is still up for debate at our house. Brian swears it’s the Goldfinger, he picked it because of James Bond but I don’t remember that conversation happening. Either way, we’re about to have a TON of bananas.

So. Many. Bananas. We’re so excited we bought another one. That’s Foster checking it out.


There’s also little banana trees growing around the base. Apparently a tree only produces once then the little ones grow and they produce, and so on and so on. We can transplant those as well. I might start a banana stand, I heard there’s money there.

If you have any banana recipes you love, please send them my way. If it is a Goldfinger, it can hold/produce 100 pounds of bananas! I don’t think we’ll have that many but there’s probably close to 100 baby bananas on there now and there’s still some red petals ready to open. I see smoothies, banana bread and banana muffins in my future, as long as they don’t die like my avocado. 😦