Easter Weekend

Easter is my holiday to host and I was pretty excited to have Friday off and start getting the house ready (or just have an extra day off). I started Thursday night by decorating “Bucky,” our new faux deer head.


I think he looks pretty festive.

I don’t really have any Easter decorations, I usually just put tulips everywhere, so this was a nice addition. The excitement started when I went to give the dog her nightly baby carrots and noticed water by the pantry wall. Come to find out, we had a water leak in the wall between the back of the pantry and our laundry room. Let the demo begin.


Nothing says Easter baking like drywall dust! Fortunately Brian found the hole in the pipe and Friday afternoon we were able to get a plumber to come by and replace the pipe for a whopping $80. So glad we found it before it got worse. Next project, laundry room remodel! After the house was cleaned and the pipe was fixed I spent Friday evening making pillow cases to match our new curtains I made, eating pizza and bingeing on some Alias.

We’ve been having brunch for Easter the past couple years with quiche, breakfast meats, coffee cake, the usual suspects. I decided to mix it up a little this year with scrambled eggs instead of quiche and biscuits and gravy. I also through in scones at the last minute because I hate myself. I’ve never made homemade scones or biscuits before and was a little worried but they ended up being awesome and easy.

You can find the biscuit recipe here, and blueberry scones here. I meant to take a photo of the whole buffet but we just started eating. Oops. I used gouda in the scrambled eggs and it was fantastic. I need more gouda in my life. There was also coffee cake, bacon and sausage, sausage gravy for the biscuits, fruit and ham, which we’ll be eating for the rest of the week. Oh, and mimosas, with guava juice. So good.

The day finished with a game of Scategories and a nap after everyone left. No holiday is complete without a nap!

Two races and a PR

Not really sure how a whole year has gone by. Life seems impossible to keep up with sometimes. Not much has happened over the last year.

I ran what I though would be my dream race, Disney Wine & Dine Half. In the end it was chaos. I’m glad I did it, but the fact is, running with 13,000 people you don’t know was just messy. The weather took a turn for the worse right before the race was set to start and they ended up delaying it but what seemed like several hours. I was standing for way too long before I was supposed to run and was mentally and physically exhausted by the start. They cut the 13.1 down to 6.7 and I don’t even know how I finished. Even if I could have run faster there was no where to go. People were every where and much of the course was too narrow. By the time I got to Epcot and ready to wine and dine, the lines were too long and we all started to fall asleep. My husband and sister had a good time eating and drinking while I ran though. 😉


That’s my Minnie running outfit I decided I needed after reading blogs about EVERYONE wearing costumes.

Fireworks to start each wave, and Osbourne Family Lights. Apparently it was the last year it will happening.

My sister, Sam, and I in the phone booth in the UK. (Hi Sam!) And the really large medal.


My stolen photo of the finish line.

Post-race I did my usual take-a-few-months-off-cause-I’m-lazy, which took me to January and starting to train for the Best Damn Race half again. I was right on track with some slow miles and training but decided in the beginning of February that another half just wasn’t a good idea. We were spending weekends working on the house and I just didn’t have the time or energy to train for a half, so I dropped down to the 10k, and boy am I glad I did.


Look at that beautiful flamingo!

I had been having some really bad calf cramps leading up to the race and was really apprehensive but I wanted so badly to have a better race. I spent the night before and the morning of foam rolling the heck out of my calves. I did something right because I ended up with a 2 minute 10k PR.

I was practically in tears after I finishing. It’s such an amazing feeling to push yourself like that, to challenge yourself beyond what you think you are capable of. I was pumped. And we celebrated…

…with tacos and margaritas and churros, as is post-race tradition.

And then we celebrated a little more.

I can easily say I have done more physical activities in the week since the race then I did during training. I feel determined. We bought a treadmill in February and have been on it almost daily for the past week, either walking or running. Even my husband is using it. I’ve decided to take a break from racing and work on getting myself fit and strong. Get my body used to constant physical activity and when the time is right, I’m going to break my half marathon time.