Crafts and Things

Well, the shin splint is JUST starting to feel better. It still hurts when I run but not as bad and running is possible, though I haven’t tried more than 2 miles. I contacted Best Damn Race and was able to transfer my registration from the half marathon to the 10k. I feel like less of a failure that I’m still doing a race, even if it’s not the half. Isn’t there a saying out there about making sure your goals are obtainable?

So now I’m 5 weeks away and I’m working on 10k training. My long run on Saturday is 3miles! 🙂  It is such a weight off of my shoulders that I don’t have to worry about 13 painful miles. I would have ended up just walking and being completely disheartened over it.

And now for some crafts. Sometime over the past few months my husband and I decide we should build a medal holder instead of buying one. Why, I’m not sure because it cost almost as much to make it as to buy it, but it is custom and something we did, etc. etc.  I picked out some beautiful and over-priced wood for the project.


Look at that wood grain!

Brian cut it and glued it and put biscuits in it. You know, tools and stuff. I stained it with this awesome greyish stain I picked out.


We bought stencils at the craft store that came out awful so I bought some vinyl letter online to cover it up. We ordered 3 different types of clips on Amazon to hold the bibs before we found the right one. Mini clothes pins are REALLY mini. And we got hooks at Home Depot. Brian did most of the work, I really just picked everything out. The final product is kind of awesome.


I’m considering selling them online, what do you think? Side note: I have a facebook page. You can follow my blog here.

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