Quite the Pickle…

In the past week I harvested five 6-7 inch cucumbers. Beauties if I do say so myself, but too much for the two of us to eat before they go bad.




What does one do with all these cucumbers? We make pickles! I have never pickled anything before but have always wanted to try, and I have these adorable 8 oz. canning jars so I set out to do a refrigerator pickle. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s a pickle you put right in the fridge, it’s not pantry safe since it’s not officially “canned” and according to this recipe they should last about 3 months.

After a few google searches, I decided on a Food Network recipe, which you can find here.  Though I added my own spin.


Since my jars are small I went for little round pickles and I broke out my beloved mandoline with the crinkle cut blade. I also added 3 small slices of jalapeno from my garden to the bottom of each jar with the cloves of garlic and fresh cracked black pepper since I didn’t have whole peppercorns. I skipped the dill. And a teaspoon of salt to the vinegar brine. That one teaspoon wasn’t much for the large amount of brine I made but my husband swears they were sweet. Next batch I’ll have to leave it out and see.


All jarred up and ready to go. Pour the brine over the top and let them cool, then refrigerate. They tasted like pickles in about 4 hours and by the next day you could definitely feel a small amount of heat from the jalapenos. I would say they were definitely a success. I shared with family and friends (who shared with random people at the steakhouse bar!), and everyone seemed to enjoy them. Next up will be a hot pepper relish as soon as my hot cherry peppers ripen!


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