Weekend Wrap Up

It’s Monday again. Not much to say about that. Another weekend flew by but I have to say, it was a nice relaxing weekend. Here are the highlights:

  • Friday, these guys started turning red. I’m up to 6 now, possibly a few more will be ready when I get home from work. We’ll be enjoying these on a salad tonight with dinner. I also made awesome salsa with some jalapenos from the garden.


  • Saturday, I managed to get up a little early and walk along the Indian River for 45 minutes before work. Love when I can get my workout out of the way first thing. Here’s my view….


  •  And Sunday, after several hours of scrubbing in the sun, B and I made it out on the boat for the first time this season. (Did I mention we have a small fishing boat?) It was a beautiful day on the river and so relaxing. We truly live in a beautiful place.


Hope you had a great weekend too! Already getting ready for the next one.

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